Schon: NFL Picks Week Three

Posted: September 21, 2014 by mschon in Sports

Certainly not getting any easier, even with the NFL imploding…. but at least I scored better than Roger Goodell, which really isn’t saying much.

FALCONS (-6.5) over Bucs
Vikings (+10) over SAINTS
BILLS (-2.5) over Chargers
BENGALS (-7) over Titans
Ravens (-1.5) over BROWNS
LIONS (-2.5) over Packers
PATRIOTS (-14.5) over Raiders
JAGUARS (+7) over Colts
Texans (-2) over GIANTS
Washington (+6) over EAGLES
RAMS (+1.5) over Cowboys
DOLPHINS (-4) over Chiefs
PANTHERS (-3.5) over Steelers
CARDS (+3) over Niners
SEAHAWKS  (-4.5) over Broncos
Bears (+2.5) over JETS



Schon: NFL Picks Week Two

Posted: September 14, 2014 by mschon in Sports

Off to the usual mediocre start and then completely tank on the Steelers – Ravens matchup. Follow up with another jam on the Steelers – Ravens on Thursday and I’m dead even heading into Week Two… Coming off the best season of my career this is definitely not a good sign.

Don’t try this at home….

Steelers (+2.5) over RAVENS – L
Dolphins (PK) over BILLS – L
Falcons (+5) over BENGALS – L
BROWNS (+6.5) over Saints – W
TITANS (-3.5) over Cowboys – L
Jaguars (+5.5) over WASHINGTON – L
Cardinals (-1.5) over GIANTS – W
Patriots (-3) over VIKINGS – W
RAIDERS (+3) over Texans – L
PANTHERS (-2.5) over Lions – W
BUCS (-6) over Rams – L
PACKERS (-9) over Jets – L
Seahawks (-6) over CHARGERS
BRONCOS (-12) over Chiefs – L
NINERS (-7) over Bears – did I mention how much I dislike Jay Cutler? – L

Last Week – 8-7
This Week – 0-1
Season – 8-8


Schon: NFL Picks Week One

Posted: September 7, 2014 by mschon in Sports

Welcome back boys and girls, it’s 2014 Week One and as usual I’m ripping out the picks at the last possible second… Broncos / Colts should be the highlight – Manning Revenge Tour Part II, don’t forget to pick up a t-shirt.

Thursday Night Football
SEAHAWKS (-6) Packers (took this one off the board with a scheduling conflict – rookie mistake)

Saints (-3) over FALCONS – L
Bengals (+1) over RAVENS – W
BEARS (-7) over Bills – L
TEXANS (-3) over Washington – W
Raiders (+6) over JETS – W
Browns (+7) over STEELERS – W
Titans (+3.5) over CHIEFS – W
Pats (-4.5) over DOLPHINS – L
Jaguars (+10.5) over EAGLES – L
Vikings (+3.5) over RAMS – W
BUCS (-3) over Panthers – L
Niners (-4.5) over COWBOYS – W
BRONCOS (-8) over Colts – L
Giants (+6) over LIONS – L
Chargers (+3) over CARDS – W

This Week – 8-7

Season – 8-7


Schon: Super Bowl XLVII Live Game Blog

Posted: February 2, 2014 by mschon in Sports

Well I guess it doesn’t get any better than this – Seattle vs. Denver Super Bowl XLVII… can’t believe I’m sober. Well, I guess I can…
Kinda makes you wonder what Jay Cutler is up to today? BTW – are you guys seriously reading a blog during the biggest game on the planet?

Yep, those are my readers………

1st Quarter
Here we go Peyton, Here we go… Maybe not – Broncos take the opening kick and pull off the biggest blunder in SB history. Ball is snapped from the 15 yard line, well over the head of Manning and recovered by Knowshon Moreno in the end zone for the safety. Fastest score in Super Bowl history and Seattle takes possession on their own 35. Manny Ramirez stock just plummeted on Twitter.

WOW – that blows.

Seattle is completely geeked –  Wilson busts out Percy Harvin around left end and nets 30 long, deep inside Denver territory. Out of the shotgun hits Harvin on third and nine and the chains continue to move. Broncos look like they just got package punched on the playground… Wilson with the keeper moves it to the nine but comes up 1-yard short of the first – Seahawks’ challenge comes up short as well so it’s all on the foot of Steven Hauschka.

That was easy – Seahawks jump out to a quick 5-0 lead. Here comes the indigestion….

Ball is moved to the 35 thanks to unnecessary roughness – not sure it’s gonna matter. Broncos still look shell-shocked – quick three and out for the NFL’s top Offensive team. Pretty sure this isn’t what the game plan was going in – Colquitt with the kick and Wilson will lead it from his own 28. Scrambles and finds room on his left – drive continues with a quick shot to Baldwin and Seattle picks up another first and the indigestion continues in the 5280.

Third and five is now the biggest play of the game. Floater to Baldwin, who completely beat out Champ for position…. First and goal from the six – maybe these guys are better than I thought?

Wilson to Harvin drops like a bad date but it’s Fox’s turn with the challenge – hoping it’s ruled as a fumble. Might have challenged just to give his guys a chance to realize the game actually started. Either way it’s overturned – Seattle is forced to settle for another Hauschka chip and it rolls out as Seattle 8-0 over the Broncos.

Ok, let’s try this again…. Manning to Welker picks up five – time to celebrate. Ok, short-lived celebration – Manning goes airborne and delivers it straight to the Seattle secondary. Can’t blame the weather on this one – Broncos have less energy than my ex-wife.

Quarter comes to a close and I’m one interception away from turning to Netflix.

2nd Quarter
First time in Super Bowl history that a team has failed to score a first down in a quarter… that’s beautiful.

Meanwhile, Seattle wasted no time adding to the misery – Seven plays, thirty-seven yards and Marshawn Lynch carries it in from the one. For those of you keeping track that shakes out as 15-0 Seattle on top – I’m almost speechless….

Here we go Peyton, here we go… apparently the Broncos have woken up – Drive starts at the Broncos 16 and generates more success than they’ve had all afternoon – kind of.

Third and 13 from the 35 proves fatal – Manning tosses out his second INT of the game, Malcolm Smith returns it sixty-nine yards and Mrs. Arvada is ready to hurl. Saving grace is following my wife’s family texts as they try everything possible  to keep a PG rating….

Seriously thought about taking a break to shave my legs but the Broncos actually crossed midfield – not that it matters much, ten-play drive results in a near interception on a botched fourth and two for the Seahawk 28.

Denver would have to improve just to reach ‘suck’ level….

First half closes out on one of the worst Super Bowl in franchise history – Here we go Bruno, here we go…..

3rd Quarter
Super Bowl XLVII is done – twelve seconds into the second half Percy Harvin returns the opening kick 87-yards untouched for a Seattle Seahawks touchdown…. Praying for another Tim Tebow commercial before I jab a fork in my eyes.

Down 29-0 Manning’s in desperation mode – manages to cross midfield but doesn’t come close to anything resembling points, Britton Colquitt is my new best friend – Seattle will take it at their own 8.

Wondering if I can call in sick at this point?


Manning makes another stab at it – three plays in he connects with Demaryius Thomas, who gets it stripped by Maxwell – lost count of how many turnovers but suffice to say nearly every in-law I know is either playing coin dozer or solitaire till commercial time….

Seahawks capitalize – Wilson connects with Jermaine Kerse from 23 and he takes it untouched for the score…. Never thought you’d see 36-0 did you?

Me either…..

Another Manning comeback? Probably not, but at least they gave Mrs. Arvada reason to wake up. Six plays, 80-yards and toss in the two-point conversion and it’s only 36-8 at the end of three.

The Denver Broncos have scored.

Just think, if they can manage 29 more points in the next fifteen minutes they might pull this off….

4th Quarter
Sorry, I have to recalculate – Wilson just found Baldwin from ten and that’ll stretch it 43-8.

I give up.

So does Denver.

On the bright side, if there is a bright side – taxpayers won’t have to shoulder the cost of a parade this year….

Major props to Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll – this one was over when it started. Seattle outplayed, out hustled and out coached Denver in every aspect of the game….

Like they say – On any given Sunday….

Unfortunately on this particular Sunday, Broncos fans deserved a whole lot more.

001AFC Championship, you couldn’t ask for better football weather – but you could ask for free beer in the Press Box… Request denied, enjoy the buffet, this is the NFL.

Never seen so many John Elway jersey’s in my life. Evidently Wal Mart’s cleaned out.

Typical list of Inactives for Denver – QB Zac Dysert, RB Ronnie Hillman, CB Marquice Cole, T Vinston Painter, G Chris Kuper, TE Joel Dreessen and DT Sione Fua. Patriots have their share of Inactives as well but chances are if you’re reading this column, you have zero to little interest in anything outside the 303. If you really need it you might try – every once in a while they get things correct….

Major Props to Mrs. Arvada for offering up the mansion and the 92″ for her crew – you guys won’t be disappointed.

1st Quarter
Lol – Broncos win the toss and defer to the second half… who didn’t see that coming? Prater sends it just north of Colfax Ave. and the Pats will kick this party from their own 20. Loudest I’ve heard in the new stadium…. somebody made a killing on orange pom-poms. Defense is amped – three strong downs and New England is forced to punt.

Eric Decker on the return and it bounces down to the 15. Third and two turns comical as Manning completely bobbles the shotgun snap and bounces it off his facemask – rebounds just in time to get control and hit Decker for a sweet seven. Follows up with another shot to Decker, this one brings down 21-yards and the Denver Broncos have officially crossed midfield.

Pats are geared for the run and continually shut Moreno out of the middle – third and nine comes up empty on a deep route to Decker and Britton Colquitt makes his debut. Punt clears the end zone and the Pats will Take 2 from their own 20.

BAM – can’t believe the Broncos defense – six plays in and Brady can’t move the chains…. That’s a positive.

Even bigger positive – Manning is on fire with his receivers – connects big when it’s needed. Eighteen-yard shot to Moreno, 29-yard strike to Demaryius Thomas, 19-yards to Decker… end result is they still can’t push it past the goal line but open the board with a 27-yard chip by Prater. Ten plays, 73-yards and Denver Broncos draw first blood.

Back to Brady and Co fro their own 20. Nervousness appears to have subsided – avoids the near pick six and hits Shane Vereen on a HUGE 24-yarder down the sideline. Train continues to roll as it crossed midfield and nears the Broncos 30. Offensive pass interference kicks it back another ten and the Patriots face third and 20 from the 33. Wasted play to Julian Edelman cut four off the margin but brings up fourth down as the quarter closes out.

So far, this is fun…..

2nd Quarter
Punt falls dead at the Denver 7 and Manning gets set for his third drive of the game. Big combo of luck and skill – drive moves down to the Patriots 39. Back to back incompletes bring up third and ten…. crowd is completely silent. Handoff to Moreno and he breaks it – 28-yard pickup to the New England 11. This can’t be good if you’re a Patriots fan.

Manning continues to pound it out on the ground – Montee Ball bounces it near the two. Back to Ball and he’s one-yard closer. Crowd can sense what coming here – Manning rolls it out Tight End style – hits Tamme alone in the end zone and that would be a Denver Broncos TOUCHDOWN…

Fifteen plays, 93-yards and it took just over seven minutes off the clock…. Beer sales in LoDo just set a new record – Broncos hold a 10-0 lead midway through the second quarter.

This Tom Brady guy isn’t too bad. Hits Aaron Dobson for 27-yards out of the gate and follows up with a picture perfect march that’s down to the Denver 20 with third and eight. Out of the shotgun Brady looks to go deep – but so does the Denver defense. You can credit the eleven-yard sack to Robert Ayers. You can credit the Patriots field goal to Stephen Gostkowski – Broncos dodge a huge bullet and come out relatively unscathed, as long as you consider three points unscathed. Clock continues to wind down as New England narrows the margin 10-3.

Something about the two-minute warning that sparks Peyton Manning. Connects on three straight pass plays that cover 26, 27 and 11-yards respectively. Drive moves down to the Patriots 20 with third and five – out of the shotgun Manning connects with Moreno and it’s just a bit short… three-feet short to be exact.

No worries, Prater’s got it handled – chip shot splits middle and the scoreboard now reads 13-3, Good guys in the lead.

First half officially closes out with the Brady / Belichick machine stalling out twenty-yards short of midfield….

Time to bring on The Fray – one of the perks of the job – headed to burn one with familiar tunes for a change.

3rd Quarter
Broncos take the second half possession and it’s apparent that the officials are taking this whole championship thing seriously. Flags continue to fly and the Broncos continue to move the chains. Completions to Decker and Thomas roll it inside the New England 30. Moreno time brings up second and seven from the 24. Quick shot back to Demaryius Thomas moves it to the 18 brings up third and 3 from the 20.

Gotta keep reminding myself the cookies here are lethal…

Broncos take their first time out of the half to evaluate the situation…. Manning goes shotgun – right side to Thomas, this one named Julius and it’s good for five and a Denver Broncos first down. Three plays later Montee Ball secures another set of downs going off tackle – you can pretty well see where this is headed.

Manning to Demaryius caps it – thirteen plays, 80-yards and the Broncos have pushed it to a 17 point lead midway through the third – crowd is absolutely insane at this point – Brady and Co. will bring it from the 20.

Logging in at just under 1000 words and haven’t even hit the fourth. Brady secures the first with a seven-yard shot to Collie – chains officially advance. So does the noise…. Brady decides it’s time to pick on Tony Carter – goes back to Collie for another first just because he can. D line needs to bring more pressure if they’re gonna close this one out. Brady on the sneak grabs another first and the Broncos begin to back pedal.

Ball advances to the Denver 28 and it brings up the standoff – fourth and one. Broncos burn another time out to give ’em time to think about it – obviously the crowd relishes the opportunity for creative expression…

Out of the shotgun Brady barely has time to zip up – Terrance Knighton breaks it quick and records the first Tom Brady sack of the game. Couldn’t have come at a better time for Denver – Broncos will take possession at their own 39 with 2:25 left in the quarter.

Here we go Broncos, here we go… This is turning into a Peyton Manning clinic – deep left to Demaryius Thomas pours more salt in the wounds and it helps move Denver to the Patriots 11 as the clock expires.

Like I said, this is kind of fun.

4th Quarter
Ok, so there’s a few flags on the play – Thomas gets tagged for offensive holding and it’s brought back to the 22. No worries, Thomas makes up for 14 of those lost and Welker pushes it to the 2 with his third catch of the day.

OMAHA, OMAHA, OMAHA – CRAP, CRAP, CRAP – ball slips through the hands of Julius Thomas in the end zone and Denver settles for Prater from 19. It’s all good – points are points and according to my abacus that plays out as a 23-3 Denver Broncos lead in the final quarter.

Time for more NOISE.

Pats go back to the drawing board at their own 20. Manning to Hoomanawanui (had to copy and paste that one) opens up some breathing room. Three plays late Brady’s got it down to the Broncos 24-yard line – crowd kicks it in gear.

Near sack on Brady but he moves it to the 19 with a quick shot to Vereen. Fourth and 3 and it’s back to Vereen to move the chains. First serious threat of the game for New England. Out of the shotgun Brady goes back to Edelman from 7 – TOUCHDOWN New England – Just under ten minutes remaining and the Patriots have scored their first touchdown of the afternoon.

I’m almost speechless….

Broncos drive officially kicks off on the 25. Near pick falls incomplete to Thomas – that was scary, but he makes up for it nicely. Thirty-seven yards down the right side to Julius sets up the perfect Prater opportunity. This is from 54 – this is AUTOMATIC – Prater’s fourth field goal of the game stretches it 26-20 Broncos favor.


Seven minutes remaining and the media is packing it up to head to the locker room…. generally you would watch the final five from field level – but being the Championship game we get the opportunity to watch on any of the  small monitors hanging from the ceiling near the locker room…. how much fun is that?

Gear is packed and I’m headed to field level – you guys are on your own – let me know if anything exciting happens….

Will wrap this following the interviews – guessing the Broncos will seal this quickly.


Done, complete and ready to take on Super Bowl XLVII – Quotes and Notes to follow…

Like I said, this was fairly fun – headed home to the wife.

So, this is it – the “Big One” leading up to the “Even Bigger One.” Completely admit I’ve dumped big postseason but I’ve got two more weekends to try and inch my way above total suckage. Worried on the Broncos laying out 5.5 but when you take into account Peyton Manning, the weather, Peyton Manning, home field advantage and the free buffet at Sports Authority – I gotta roll Denver…

Wish me luck.

Last Week: 3 – 0 – 1

Playoffs: 3 – 3 – 2
Season: 131-117-7

BRONCOS (+5.5) over Patriots
Niners (+3.5) over SEAHAWKS

can almost

Media Level Sports Authority Field

Media Level Sports Authority Field

If you’re anywhere near the 303 area code you may want to hold your ears – it might get loud. At least that’s what the 70,000+ here at Sports Authority are gearing for. Parking lots broke ground at 8:00 am and most everybody was drunk by 8:05. Saw a guy in a brand new Philip Rivers jersey but we didn’t make eye contact so I think I’m safe….

Networks are breaking out the big guns for this one – ran into some California friends I hadn’t seen since the OJ chase. Kinda like This should be fun…. Highlight of the morning so far – watching NFL Network guru Sal Paolantonio brush out his hair for an on-camera spot. Man I love my job.

Hope this isn’t a bad omen – inflatable horse head the Broncos generally run through out of the tunnel has sprung a leak. So much for modern technology.

BTW – here’s a list of all the kids that don’t get to play today – QB Zac Dysert, RB Ronnie Hillman, CB Tony Carter, G Chris Kuper, TE Joel Dreesen, DE Derek Wolfe and DT Sione Fua…. Chargers have their own list of Inactives, but the idea of actually typing out all the names definitely takes a back seat to waiting in line for what appears to be Pasta. Those interested can check in with for a complete list.

Be sure to refresh often for all the latest madness

1st Quarter
Broncos win the toss -defer to the second half and Rod Smith is getting it pumped on the Jumbo-Tron – can’t wait for Philip Rivers.
Ok, Rivers is here and the Chargers look to make a statement early. Not exactly sure what that statement was, but third and two rolled into a five yard completion and the chains officially moved another ten.

First sack of the day goes to Jeremy Mincey – popped Rivers for an 8-yard loss to the 26. Second sack of the day goes to Shaun Philips – equally as exciting – San Diego drive is officially over. Here comes Peyton Manning.

Broncos drive officially opens on the 11 – two-plays later it’s Manning to Julius Thomas for a 16-yard completion. Butterflies are gone and Manning’s rolling it past midfield. Fifteen yard shot to Andre Caldwell spots it at the Chargers 29 and we’ve hit the “Deer in the Headlights” look for San Diego. Chargers have already burned two time outs trying to adjust.

Creeping it closer Montee Ball inches it to the three with first and goal for Denver. Encore performance moves it to the two and this crowd is completely pumped… Manning to Thomas (Demaryius) for the deuce makes it official – Denver Broncos take an early 7-0 lead.

Wonder if it could get any louder?

Rivers and Co. get buried in a sea of noise – Three and out adds more fuel to the fire – camera catches a shot of Rivers heading to the sideline looking like Eddie Haskell on steroids. First quarter closes on a beautiful note if you’re wearing orange….

2nd Quarter
Manning moves it to midfield and hits Julius Thomas on a quick shot across the middle – ball gets stripped on impact and after what seemed like the world’s longest review the San Diego Chargers take possession on the 44. Major package punch for the beer crew.

Short field for Rivers but the Broncos D apparently has it covered – five-yard sack for Malik Jackson forces a 53-yard field goal attempt. Doesn’t even come close – karma is definitely catching up with the Bolo – Broncos take possession on their own 43.

Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball are my new best friends – ground game continues to pound and Denver is inside the 10 with first and goal from the eight. Out of the shotgun Manning keeps it on the ground – Moreno breaks it to the three. Two-plays later it’s an easy shot to Welker in the corner and the scoreboard reads 14-0 for the good guys. Hard to beat the momentum at this point….

Spotted a Bill Romanowski jersey in the stands – guess they’re going old school for the occasion.

Rivers is back out to a chorus of boos – three plays later the boos have only magnified – Chargers are forced to punt. Decker on the return – breaking tackles like he’s in a contract year – nothing between ED and the end zone but a crappy cut of grass near the 30 – trips over his own feet as the crowd bursts into uncontrollable laughter – you’ll see that it on SportsCenter.

Manning on a short field – this can’t end good for San Diego. Back to back for Moreno and it’s first and goal from the four. Clock continues to roll and we’re under a minute left in the half.

Ok, so I was wrong – I guess it could end good for San Diego – Manning tries to thread the needle to Decker in the end zone and CB Crezdon Butler nails the pick. No harm no foul, first half closes with Denver holding a 14-0 lead over the San Diego Chargers.

Now who didn’t see this one coming?

3rd Quarter
Beer run complete and the Orange Faithful are thirty-minutes away from AFC Championship. Trindon Holliday with the return and the Broncos will take it from the 36. Quick shot to Thomas picks up nine and it’s third and one from the 45. Easy pick up for Moreno – drive continues to gain momentum.

Manning to D. Thomas on a nine-yarder crosses midfield and the excitement continues to build. Starting to feel like a playoff game or something – Manning to Welker pushes it to the 26 and the chains continue to advance. Heartbreaker to Welker comes up one bobble short – leaves Prater to try and salvage a few more bulbs on the scoreboard.

Dude nails it with 9:39 left in the quarter… barely. Broncos may have gotten away with one there – either way it’s still three on the board and Denver pulls out at 17-0.

Trying to start a wave here in the Press Box to stay warm – no one’s with me.

Mr. Congeniality is back and the Chargers will officially start it at the 20. Two plays later they’re staring at third and three from the 27.

Anyone remember the last time San Diego converted on a third down?

This would be it – Rivers to Keenan Allen down the sideline moves it all the way out to the San Diego 46. Drive pretty much closes shop after that – an injured Mike Scifres trots out to punt and Denver will take it from their own 20. Interesting fact – as Scifres is barely able to make it off field – who’s San Diego got on board as a backup punter?



Manning to Decker adds 19 to the mix and Denver quickly crosses midfield. Back to the shotgun and Manning hits Welker again cutting down the right side. Montee Ball goes ground for the required yards and Denver grabs another first at the San Diego 46. Clock continues to play out in Denver’s favor. Drive eventually stalls on the Chargers 29 but it’s well within Prater range.

Unless you’re still rattled about the near-miss on the last field goal attempt…

Prater shanks it to an absolutely stunned crowd. Seriously hope this isn’t a momentum changer – quarter closes when they announce its last call. This might be a long fifteen minutes….

4th Quarter
Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, Philip Rivers spoils the parade – six plays, sixty-three yards and very little whining involved – Chargers avoid the shutout and are ten points away from sending this into overtime.

That would completely blow…

Holliday is back for the return – out of the end zone, down the right sideline and, outside of the flag for an illegal block to the back, he’s got this banked. No points, no touchdown, no kidding…. kick return is officially called back and the Broncos will start it from the 19.

Everybody clap your hands….

This is like the longest drive of the century – two mental health breaks and they’re still not even inside the 20. Ok, Moreno takes care of that – 14-yard gain to the 10 and the Broncos get a fresh set of downs heading into the South Stands.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand this one’s important – Moreno on the ground moves it back to a three score game – nine plays, 81-yards and they’re dancing in the aisles at Sports Authority.

Not that it matters to Philip Rivers – dude seems intent on busting the Broncos party. Kinda like that kid in third grade who always peed in the pool just to make it tough on the rest of us.

Seven plays, 80-yards and we’re back to a ten point game at 24-14. Not that I’m worried or anything – but you might want to be ready for the onside kick.

Or not – Chargers recover and hold possession on their own 40. WOW not quite sure how that one jacked up – but the mood has certainly shifted. Chargers are inside the 20 and look more than capable on tacking on another seven. Or three.

Novac drills it and San Diego is now one touchdown away from tying this up…..

Holliday returns it to the 27 where Manning and Co. will take it over. Make that the 22 after the Broncos get flagged on a false start. Drop another two the wrong direction on a Moreno carry and Denver continues to inch themselves backwards. Second and 17 and Manning rolls out of the shotgun – incomplete to Thomas.

Bailout to Julius Thomas along the sideline – 21-yarder with both feet in bounds – that left some breathing room. Back to Thomas for a nine-yard bailout on third and six. Even more breathing room

Cue ZZ Top – there’s nothing wrong with tush….

Buck fifty-seven on the clock and it’s second and seven from the 43. More shotgun, more Moreno – six-yard gain to the 37 brings up third and one.

Manning surveys the situation and decides he needs to hear a little more music – Broncos take their second time out.

Know-shon, Know-shon, Know-shon…. seals the deal with his 23rd carry of the afternoon and all that’s left is a Manning kneel down.

The Denver Broncos advance and will host the New England Patriots next Sunday for the AFC Championship.

So much for having next week off…

Well, so much for busting out strong on the playoff picks – miserable Wild Card Weekend to say the least. Did pull out a tie on the Packers / Niners matchup, but that’s pretty much like slow dancing with your sister.

Hopefully I get a better handle on this in Week Nineteen…

Last Week: 0 – 3 – 1

Playoffs: 0 – 3- 1
Season: 131-117-7

Saints (+8.0) over SEAHAWKS
PATRIOTS (-7) over Colts
Chargers (+9.5) over BRONCOS
Niners (-1) over PANTHERS

So, I have no idea how it happened but the 2013 NFL Season is officially in the books and I blasted a career best 131 wins for the year… I know, can’t even believe it myself, let’s take a moment here….

BTW – here’s the Wild Card Weekend shots – not sure if it’s a gut feeling or simple indigestion, but I wouldn’t necessarily bet the double-wide.

Last Week: 9 – 7
Season: 131-117-7
Playoffs: 0-0

COLTS (-2.5) over Chiefs
EAGLES (-2.5) over Saints
BENGALS (-7) over Chargers
49ers (-3) over PACKERS

Schon: Broncos – Raiders Live Game Blog

Posted: December 29, 2013 by mschon in Sports

Christmas time in Oakland – the perfect reminder as to why you don’t want to spend Christmas time in Oakland…

Thinking that major amounts of caffeine will help.

1st Quarter
Raiders with the first possession and the magic all starts from the 20. Three plays later magic time is over and the Broncos will open their mojo just shy of the 30. Rolling it no huddle Manning begins the march, picking up the first with a quick shot to Moreno on the side. HUGE pick up to Caldwell straight down the middle and it’s all Broncos early. NFL record book gets rewritten minutes into the contest – Manning to Decker from three out and that marks the 52nd touchdown pass of the season for PFM… Broncos grab it early 7-0.

Raiders push their second possession determined not to go out three and out Mission accomplished – fumble snap off the first down and it’s a gift wrapped 20-yard field for the hottest offense in the NFL. Manning even looks shocked to be back so soon…

Tried looking up some quick stats on – unfortunately is not aware that the game has started. Considering the Broncos have just made it 14-0 with a Manning to Moreno shot, another NFL record, it’s gotta be pretty embarrassing for the world’s biggest sports conglomerate…

Oakland’s hoping third time’s a charm, or at least hoping they don’t completely blow – which unfortunately is the case. Third and twenty-two doesn’t even come close to being a completion, let alone something to cheer about. Did I mention how much I enjoy Oakland, CA?

Ranks right along circumcision as one of my least favorite experiences.

Quarter closes quietly for those in black as the Broncos continue to push it towards the end zone… Kinda feel sorry for the kids getting their lunch money jacked.

2nd Quarter
Drive rolls on. Screen to Thomas moves it back inside the 20. Shot to Decker comes up empty so they invite Matt Prater in to party. that’s easy – splits it with his eyes closed just to add salt to the wound – Broncos hold it 17-0 into the second.

Holding a lottery in the Black Hole – loser has to play quarterback…

Maybe I spoke too soon – Raiders grab a first down off a QB scramble and are actually within a midget’s length of hitting midfield – no offense intended – that’s as close as it gets – drive closes, Broncos take possession at the 20 and it’s life as normal in Oakland.

Here we go Broncos, here we go.

Manning’s 151-yards short of another single season passing record and he hits Demaryius Thomas for a 63-yard touchdown before most fans are back from the beer stands.. Somewhere around seventy-yards left to top Drew Brees and we’ve still got 2 1/2 quarters to go…. Mismatch doesn’t even to begin the observations for this one.

Brief moment of excitement – has finally caught up with the rest of the world… Broncos hold a 24-0 lead over the Oakland Raiders.

Another drive, another record for Peyton Manning. Ten plays, eighty-nine yards and Demaryius Thomas shares the spotlight. Each passing yard and each touchdown pass, the remainder of the game, will constitute a new NFL record for PFM, undoubtedly the 2013 NFL MVP.

Haven’t been paying a lot of attention when Oakland has the ball, but neither has the majority of the crowd – first half closes out with Denver on top 31-0.

Just noticed the majority of blog followers in NO Cal has dropped dramatically in the last half hour. Hope it wasn’t something I said…..

3rd Quarter
Five possessions, five scores for the Denver Broncos… Peyton Manning gets to take a seat and Brock Osweiller gets a shot to break a sweat. Not bad for his first real action of the year, but not good enough to keep Britton Colquitt off the field. First punt of the game for Denver and it turns south quick – Jamize Olawale becomes a household name in the Bay Area busting the line for an easy block. Pretty sure that was Colquitt’s first block since puberty – turnover results in an opportunity for three for Oakland, which ignites the just starting to sober up Raider crowd.

This could be a momentum changer…. Never mind, Janikowski sends it wide right – misery continues for those in makeup.

So far Osweiller really isn’t doing much – but he isn’t screwing up much either so in my book, that’s a positive – just ask my wife. Third drive actually extends to the Raiders 36 as the third winds down. This is the best 31-0 game I’ve seen this year.

4th Quarter
Still hasn’t hit the end zone but Osweiller’s definitely got the hair to be an NFL starter – drive stalls just short of Prater’s range and the Raiders get another shot at mediocrity from their own nine.

I’m dying to hear some more ACDC…

National television grabs a shot of Raiders fans holding up a “Your Fired” sign directed toward Oakland head coach Dennis Allen. Good to see California tax dollars aren’t being wasted on teaching kids how to spell….

Osweiller still can’t strike it rich in the touchdown department but Prater is there to save the effort – tack on another three for the good guys, Broncos out to a 34-0 embarrassment over the Oakland Raiders.

Here we go Oakland, here we go…. it’s enough to take your breath away. Terrelle Pryor leads the Raiders on their first successful drive since I can remember – eight plays, 80-yards and the shutout is officially OVER…

34-7 is so much more respectable than 34-0.

Isn’t it?

Jacob Tamme is my new hero…. AMAZING one hand catch along the sideline is destined for SportsCenter. Make that WAS destined for SportsCenter… some dude in stripes swears he didn’t get both feet in bounds once he got control and everyone else apparently believes him.

Broncos are so baffled they give up ANOTHER touchdown to the Raiders… This is going to be the longest sixty-seconds of my life, but it’s all good, Broncos close out 2013 with home field advantage and a first round bye, which means I have next week off.

Man I love Christmas….